Sports Therapy and Consciousness

As a young man (some time ago), physical education instructor and sportsman I was deeply interested in sport, exercise, kinetics and then biomechanics. Later I studied and became a Sports Therapist.

I’m reluctant to write about what a Sports Therapist does because what I did as a typical Sports Therapist is not what I do now. However, since it is an important part of what I do now, for example as part of an integrated treatments program and I even use it to teach about cause and effect and symptomatology and so on, I have given a brief description below of what a typical Sports Therapist does.

A typical Sports Therapist does the following:

  • provides appropriate remedial and sports massage techniques (eg. myofascial release and trigger point therapy) to create a fast recuperative process for sports people (and now the general population);
  • uses specific sport and exercise principles to improve a sports persons performance including preparation, build up and competition programs;
  • provides immediate care of injuries in both a competitive and non competitive environment including life threatening conditions;
  • implements and oversees specific remedial and rehabilitation programs.

I was no exception however I became bored of the superficiality and performance at all costs of competitive sport especially in the football environment. I was more interested in creating an environment where people could return to wholeness, integrating all aspects of themselves. I started to treat people from the general population and over time realised that their specific physical complaints were only a manifestation of emotional issues, which then could be traced back to mental programs (conditioning) and previous ancestral "patterning".

Integrating Modalities (looking at the whole person)

I began to train in other modalities such as reiki, magnified and axiatonal healing however much of my personal study was to do with emotional well being and integration of all our systems, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual (including my own….I was the guinea pig!!).

For us to become healthy and whole we must balance the body mind and spirit. We need to have a strong connection to spirit, a positive mental attitude (empowering beliefs) and we need to take good care of our bodies. During my physical therapy sessions with clients I found direct links between specific physical issues and conditions and a client’s less than empowering beliefs and therefore dysfunctional emotional states, which manifest in their lives. In some cases a complete disconnection from spirit/who they really are resulted in not only a lack of growth but a continuing spiral downwards.

The physical body is a fantastic piece of kit in as much as it is constantly informing us of our unconscious behaviors. It is persistently showing us where we need to heal ourselves if read properly. It is a ‘barometer’ of how conscious we are and if carefully monitored will tell us what areas of our lives we need to work on. Let me give you a very general example:

During this great consciousness shift on the planet many clients are complaining of lower back and hip issues including sciatica. All these issues and without going into actual symptoms and too much detail (please don’t take this as a diagnosis) are to do with fear. Financial fears, fear of the future, fear of survival, fear of change and not moving forward and so on. These issues are all being felt in the physical body.

The fantastic thing about therapies such as Sports Therapy is that they have a huge positive impact on the body, for example repositioning hips that are out of alignment, stretching and remedial massage of the muscular system and connective tissues. This positive effect then has a huge impact on other levels of our being such as the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. However, it is absolutely crucial that the Physical/Sports Therapist integrates this knowledge and various modalities into these sessions so that the client can understand and feel what is happening to their own being and explains their responsibility to themselves if they are to stay in tip top condition. This knowledge has long been forgotten by humanity and therefore has left people feeling vulnerable, unempowered and at the risk of focusing on symptomatological and profit driven healthcare systems for their treatment such as what we have in the West. It is more important than ever before to know thyself.

Expansion and The Future

The future holds exciting prospects for humanity. Here at Orgiva Holistic Healing I am putting together online courses that will address real issues people have, many of which come under the banner of unresourceful belief systems which are creating their reality and mirrored in the physical body. Most, as much as 90% of those beliefs are running unchecked in the subconscious minds of the population and are creating a personal reality which is completely at odds to the bigger REALITY (ie. closed objective focus versus open diffused focus). At the time of writing this article many are succumbing to a reality which is being created for them EXTERNALLY via the media and other fear propaganda outlets. Only we can create the reality we want by changing our beliefs to more empowering ones. This “new” reality has always been there and once you can experience it, it will be felt in the physical body in a positive way by releasing many of the physical symptoms you may be feeling including but not limited to muscle soreness, back aches, specific pain and other more serious issues. I’ll leave you with a quote that you may find helpful especially if you sometimes feel you are in this mindset…..

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Ghandi

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