Soul Contract

In our mundane world there is much information about the ego and the personality but not much known about the soul or soul contract. Since the soul is the animating principal or the background energy that "breathes" the physical body it makes sense to know more about this essence and 'reason for being'. Our soul holds the memories of our many lifetimes, and our general patterning (or karma). The soul also holds the latent gifts and abilities and therefore potential in this lifetime. We can access these providing we pull ourselves away from the lower or discordant energies of the ego. The ego is part of the conditioned and incarnated soul which is dysfunctional mainly due to the unresourceful programs learned largely from childhood and constantly being defaulted to. Our soul constantly communicates with us but this communication is very subtle and not often heard above the 'noise' of the ego and corresponding out picturing in the 3D world. Nevertheless our soul contract creates our reality in every moment.  

Ground breaking discoveries by cell biologist Bruce Lipton and other researchers into the way cells receive information showed that our DNA is actually controlled by signals from outside of the cell including the energetic patterning received from our beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and emotions. It is now becoming clearer that our very genes are being affected not only by these patterns but if we remain open and ready to grow and change the energies of the soul itself. In particular your soul contract is influencing your life. This occurs in very specific and highly refined ways to create the life the soul wants to experience in accordance with the divine plan and not the ego personality. One of the ways this soul contract can be communicated to the person is via the energies of the birth name which are held in the physical/energetic bodies. As you radiate the birth name energies out into the world your individual reality which is always completely fluid rearranges itself to mirror that soul contract. This is actually the mechanism of the Law of Attraction but also explains why simply thinking positive thoughts and trying to manifest a better life often becomes frustrating and non productive. 

So often as we try to manifest what we truly want or desire in life and get the exact opposite we become disillusioned. The reason for this is that as you move forward and grow by wanting a more holistic, balanced and abundant life much of your karmic patterning comes up for review which gives you the contrasting context, the opposite of what you really want so you have the opportunity to feel or see it and therefore decide what you really want to create. This is called the Law of Opposites and although activated just means you now need to really focus in on what you truly desire. So when this happens to you always remember you have a choice. You either spiral downward with the negative feelings like you have always done or refuse to focus on the lower emotion but instead go into courage and create the life you desire no matter what appears to be happening on the outside. All change comes from within.

So it is the programming within the soul contract that is initially creating everything in your life which is actually the opposite of what you are to become while incarnated here in these times of huge changes and energetic improvements. Once you understand that you are here to transmute the deep underlying unconscious programming in your soul contract (your karma or energetic patterning) which is giving you the negative context for your life you will start to create and gradually manifest more of what you really want. Therefor it is so important that you find out what your soul contract contains. You can purchase a soul contract review below or it also comes free with our premium services.



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