Relationships, Healing and The Journey Back to Oneness

All relationships are divine. Every relationship comes into existence to indicate and mirror aspects of the shadow self or ego that have not yet been dealt with or transmuted.

Every aspect of the shadow self causes physiological stress in the body which if not dealt with will lead to suffering, pain and disease.

That is to say that every relationship if used wisely is a major factor in the alchemical process of increasing consciousness or transmuting lower egoic energies to a higher form. During this process you will become more peaceful, accepting and loving which has an enormous beneficial effect on the physical body. Collectively we are all being given the chance to participate in this alchemical process at an accelerated rate by working individually on self. As we do this our collective miscreations we see externally in the form of dysfunctional and fraudulent systems will collapse or morph into a higher form. Slowly as each person increases their consciousness they see a divine plan playing out in their own lives where relationships are at centre stage.

The most important relationships we are all moving towards are the very important - and hugely beneficial to this planet - twin flame or soul mate reunions. Before we reach these very important relationships "karmic" relationships have to be completed and balanced. Karma is only a rebalancing of energies and should not be viewed as good or bad. These types of liasons are related to past lives and are associated with natural laws of cause and effect. Once these relationships are dealt with a common scenario is for soul partner type liasons to be encountered where we are drawn to people romantically to trigger lower aspects of ourselves which clearly point out our conditional attitudes especially with reference to love. They can end in intense emotions and hurts and the feeling that we have 'lost' someone very special. Of course we havn't as conditional love is based on ego love and is therefore based on beLIEfs and fiction about the relationship in the first place. These relationships are there to show each of us that we will not meet our other half or twin flame until we realise there is only unconditional love and everything else is a creation of the lower self or ego. Until we transmute these lower energies and learn to love ourselves unconditionally the twin flame/soul mate relationship will remain illusive.

There are of course other types of relationships and whether you encounter those will depend on your soul contract and the path you have chosen to return to oneness. There are too many to write about here however all lead to the twin flame or soul mate liasons once the following 'conditions' have been met:

1. Integration of balance and centredness into your life most or all of the time. This is achieved by balancing male and female or positive and negative polarity energies in ALL your bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical). Another way of saying this is that you have to be mindful of how you FEEL in every waking moment and rectify negative emotions, thought patterns and beLIEfs immediately to maintain homeostasis. Please note that you are not whole at this point in spite of of many texts telling you as such. You cannot be whole until you have 'integrated' your opposite polarity/twin flame into your field. So the theory of androgyny ie integrating male and female energies is only true up to a point. When you have reached a certain level of awareness, consciousness and evolution you will realise you are only one half of a 'cell' of the spark of life and your 'other half' or opposite polarity energy of the same consciousness level must be integrated into your field either by meeting this being if incarnated and performing sacred sexual practices or by allowing these cosmic energies to come through an existing soul mate relationship. Sacred geometry verifies this also. All creation comes forth as the joining of the male and female cosmic energies. The idea of both energies being present in only one being is only of assistance up to a certain level of development.

A good example of this would be the Alpha male manipulated consciousness where the feminine creative energies have been suppressed by the subconscious programming received as a child. It is important that the feminine energies are integrated so the male can become more of a creative expression and not separate from creation. Up to this point he will not meet his twin flame until he has integrated the female or negative polarity energies into his body whilst releasing old dysfunctional beLIEf systems. It is only when the feminine aspect in another body is joined through sacred sexuality that this one 'cell' made of two beings can fully realise ALL co-creative abilities with Source Energy/All There Is/God in line with the divine plan.

Please note that your soulmate can manifest in the partner you are with but only if both parties have a fully open heart chakra allowing the appropritae twin flame cosmic energies in. It appears to be the case at this time (2008 to 2016) that many couples are in fact splitting up as one party refuses to grow and change or evolve.

2. The opening of your heart chakra and balance in your chakra system/energy bodies. A regular feeling of love for all humanity and gratitude in your daily life. This is accompanied by a yearning to meet your other half. However this must be tempered with the knowledge it will be in 'divine timing' as agreed before you incarnated onto this planet.

Everything in creation is made up of the twin flame cosmic energies, the positive polarity male and the negative polarity female energies. The 'First Split' was when the great energetic sea of love - the feminine energies - wanted to express this love which gave rise to the first thought or thrust forward ie the divine masculine. From then onwards each 'cell' of creation contained both a positive masculine polarity and negative feminine polarity charge. You are an aspect, a small proportion of this charge either positive or masculine irrespective of the body gender you currently reside in. Somewhere there is the exact same consciousness as you but in the opposite polarity, and not neccessarily in a different body gender. Providing you are working on self and transmuting lower and unresourceful parts of yourself you are now moving rapidly towards reunification with your soulmate or twin flame.

My interpretation of 'The Event' so much talked about at this time is thousands of pairs of twin flame couples (opposite polarity creative energies) coming together in unification and in so doing grounding a massive amount of love energy on this planet which is and will continue to come from Galactic Centre. A particular group who are doing just that I have written about previously and are called The 144,000. This soul group of beings are committed to re-establishing divine love on this planet once more. This is of course an energetic process and those who have been working diligently over many years to allow their light body to be integrated into the physical body with the corresponding transmutation of the lower self or ego to a higher form are those who are now grounding this enormous energy onto the planet. This will make it much easier for the general population to follow suite as the group consciousness is raised considerably with corresponding benefits to the physical body and society in general.

At a particular point we will have 'compression breakthrough' or a tipping point when all darkness will be exposed and transmuted completely just like a light bulb being put on in a dark room. This has been happening to a lesser extent up till now as more and more corruption, fraud and criminality is being exposed of existing control systems (2012-2015). The bodies of those who have returned to love and especially those who are now with their soul mates will ground those loving divine feminine energies which have been deliberately suppressed on this prison planet for thousands of years.

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