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"Everybody wants to get enlightened but nobody wants to change." Andrew Cohen

Assuming you disagree with the above quote then as a lifestyle practitioner it is my pleasure and privilege to help you change and grow. As a lifestyle practitioner I will help you see where you're "at" in your life and from there help you move forward. Over the last few years I have blended by skills learned in this lifetime as an entrepreneur, personal fitness instructor, sports therapist, lifestyle coach, energy healer and teacher with my own experiences of moving from a limited man to living as a multidimensional being with unique gifts and abilities.

If I can do it so can you!!

With changes in perceptions and attitudes you will change your physiological make up which will give you the new 'physical' infrastructure to activate latent abilities in yourself. You will activate dormant DNA strands, the so called 'junk DNA' and move from limited human being to the avatar you were always meant to be.

As a Lifestyle Practitioner I will help you:

  1. Heal and
  2. Empower you by helping you know yourself.

To keep you 'locked in' to a certain experience of life you created illusions. These illusions were mostly learned from your authority figures when you were a child. However, some you taught yourself when you were in a situation you thought you couldn't handle, and all of the illusions had a backdrop of subconscious beLIEfs (ie. you were/are not aware of) Instead a new beLIEf was superimposed or overlayed of something you felt was easier to deal with. Unfortunately you then want life to be in a certain way to make you feel comfortable and safe. This desire becomes an expectation and when those are not met you feel a negative emotion. This emotion filters down into the etheric/physical body and will make you feel out of balance. If it becomes chronic it can cause physical symptoms and even disease.

These emotions if not corrected will culminate in you BEing a certain way which will cause you to act and DO certain things. The trick is to bring the behaviour into the 'light of your conscious awareness.' This alone helps enormously and very often is all that is required to stop the limiting behaviours. It is very difficult to keep doing something that is unresourceful when you become fully aware of why you are doing it. This release is 'energetic' in nature. It is an 'echo' in your energetic bodies which has been stuck. Because you are an energetic being and assuming it was your own energy this lower energy will transmute to a higher form. If it wasn't your own energy you will feel a relief or peacefulness as it is released. In both cases you will feel more enlivened, happy and positive.

Since my sessions are also about empowerment and not just healing I will help you 'know thyself' and explain how your body systems work from the moment universal energies enter your field via axiatonal highways. These axiatonal lines were severed to a large extent in the great fall in consciousness that took place on this planet. Because we have ignored our energetic system and functioned as 'physical beings' we have largely lost the connection with our higher self (intuition) and operated mainly from the illusionary egoic personality. I will reconnect these lines if necessary and teach you how you manipulate energies via your energy system/belief system. The resultant out of balance hormone production in your endocrine system then follows which makes you feel a certain way causing you to act in a certain way. Your 'normal' way of habitually thinking and feeling is then hardwired into the brain via 'superhighways' or neural pathways. Fortunately because of the neural plasticity of the brain you can forge new pathways, that is, new ways of thinking and therefore feeling. Your 3d brain can and will evolve with your consciousness!! If you would like further information please read below and press the "contact us to discuss" button.



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