I provide a number of services ranging from physical kinetic modalities such as sports therapy and myofascial release to energetic treatments for instance axiatonal realignment, soul contract reviews and hologenetic profiling. I also provide Lifestyle Practitioner sessions because of my unique abilities and experience. All these services are provided at events that we run including “Know Thyself” seminars, workshops and retreats held at various locations around the world, from my clinic here in Spain and via skype.

Many of these modalities can be given remotely and as such I have now incorporated Lifestyle and Coaching Services as a summation of my own qualifications, experience and self healing. All of the therapies provided not only incorporate the latest therapeutic and healing practices but also have their root in traditional and time honoured methodology. This means I can integrate all therapies and healing methods for the benefit of clients which very often gives them “ground breaking ” results. Furthermore, many clients report that after treatment, they feel for the first time in their lives, more enlivened and empowered instead of the lower self/victim consciousness that has been promoted and all too prevalent on this planet.

Many sessions teach ‘know thyself‘ information and methods so you can recreate self into the avatar you were always meant to be. Since I am incorporating all modalities and knowledge I have learned to date and also bring in knowledge from higher beings when necessary I offer what I believe is one of the most unique and powerful services available today. Please contact me for further information which will include a free 15 minute exploratory phone call to define your needs if applicable. For individual treatments please go here



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