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Know Thyself Workshops are now being held at our retreat centre in Cartama, Malaga, South East Spain. Our know thyself workshops are based on the premise that to change your world you must embrace the fact that you are an energetic being who forgot this simple truth. By 'forgetting' you paid no attention to your energetic system which lead to the blockage of chi (qi) energy and cessation of certain knowings and understandings about our true nature and connection to a higher evolution (think junk DNA). By closing down the awareness of our energetic system and connection to Universal Laws we have lived in a 'lower evolution' or matrix of discordant energies such as fear and shame perpetuated by group consciousness and out pictured via our present day dysfunctional systems of fraud, greed and service to self.

In our workshops we explain how our own out of balance energetic system and lack of holistic and integrated communication between all our body systems has been out pictured in the world we inhabit. Our left and right brain coherence, communication between the upper and lower chakras and of course our higher evolution via axiatonal highways has been represented in an out of balance world. We have lived in a manipulated positive, masculine or 'electro' polarity energy which has lead to hierarchal systems of control. By reacquainting ourselves with esoteric knowledge, much of which is becoming scientific fact we can once again integrate the negative, feminine or 'magnetic' polarity energy and become the centered and balanced divine avatars we once were. Here in Cartama, Malaga our know thyself workshops explain how our energetic system works with reference to the physical body so we can relearn how to clear blockages and open it up to energies that are now pouring onto this planet. This will automatically transmute lower and discordant energies (negative emotions) to a higher vibration (positive emotions) so we can "know thyself" intimately and therefore create our lives from a place of love, joy and respect for our fellow human beings no matter where they are on their path.

All Know Thyself Workshops are holistic in nature and therefore all systems of the energetic and physical body are spoken of and examined in plain English. There are two and three day full board workshops to choose from, held in the most beautiful and natural surroundings of Cartama Andalusia. Both workshops are relaxing and therapeutic and very similar in content except the three day one will have more detailed information and time off to contemplate life in beautiful surroundings. Our Know Thyself Workshop is the most broad based and therefore complete system on the market today. It is full of information and techniques packed into two and three days in nature's quiet and peaceful surroundings in Cartama, Malaga, Andalusia, South East Spain.

Some of the contents of The Know Thyself Workshop include:

  1. An explanation of the 7 chakras or the 7 seals of God Consciousness spoken about in many esoteric texts. This will include a detailed explanation of their relationship to each other and where you should 'seat' your awareness as they clear and open up fully. Explanations will include information about the subtle bodies and crystalline seals which have been closed off to humanity until recently;
  2. An explanation of how the chakras relate to the physical body via the endocrine glands, how certain glands are growing rapidly as we evolve and how a properly balanced energic system leads to a proper functioning endocrine system which automatically leads to physiological balance and therefore NO disease. 99.9% of all disease is caused by physiological stress!!
  3. A look at symptomatology in the physical body as being directly related to causative energetic blockages on a higher frequency of existence aka subtle bodies. How most simple pains in the physical body relate to your emotional patterns and should be investigated to find the underlying cause. Seen from a higher perspective most issues in the body are emotional as well as from the toxic environment we inhabit;
  4. This functioning of our systems relies almost completely on our beliefs and perceptions about life which have been carefully stored in subconscious memories in every cell of the body and constantly reinforced by ourselves which is then out pictured in the world. We are living libraries of everything that has happened to us in this lifetime, previous/parallel lifetimes and the ancestral history of the family we have incarnated into. Our subconsious memories based predominately on fear and lack have kept us limited, small and in survival mode. By releasing disempowering beliefs we open our energetic systems up to ALL the energies of the Universe via our chakra system and axiatonal highways which has a huge effect on our genes and therefore our DNA. As our "junk" DNA reconnects our awareness expands enormously and with it balance and centeredness. This ultimately has a huge effect on the quality of our lives in terms of empowering emotions such as love and joy and our positive manifestation abilities;
  5. Throughout the workshop you will be given tools and practices that can be integrated into your own life as a daily discipline that will open your awareness and energetic system up to all the energies that are pouring onto the planet. This will allow you to expand into fully conscious creators.

It is imperative that you take back control of your own destiny and evolution (which is contained in your "junk" DNA). You have always been the VALUE. Without you there is no value in the world. By reaquainting yourself with your very own system of VALUE, your energetic system, you will automatically reconnect with who you are. The Know Thyself Workshop provides all knowledge and practises that are required for reintegration of your larger and more expanded Over Soul/Monad.

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