Know Thyself Seminars

chakras-seven-main-chart-nadisKnow Thyself Seminars run at various locations around the world. They contain knowledge about the “Science of You” in relation to the universe and cosmos. The aim is to explain and demonstrate who you really BE in relation to the illusion of the lower personality, our present dysfunctional external world and the paradigm you are moving out of.

Some of the contents of the seminar will include:

1. Explanations of the illusion in action which will leave many dumb struck and in disbelief; the fall in consciousness and the important transition that is taking place to a new golden age on the planet including the help we are receiving;

2. The importance of understanding your energetic system in relation to the cosmos as you move from victim consciousness to avatar consciousness. This also includes the spiritual initiations you will go through;

3. Why you will never become ill if you have a properly functioning energetic system including the latest science about beLIEfs and the 7 perceptions you must change if you are to evolve;

4. The physiological changes in the body via our DNA which you are controlling via your beLIEf system and which are set to increase as you willingly transmute lower frequencies to a higher form. Externally these changes are connected to the huge energies we are receiving from galactic center via our sun and various planetary alignments;

5. The importance of daily energetic/spiritual disciplines as you commence/continue the inward journey. Information about ‘yoga’ type practices in their true form as complete systems of enlightenment. The importance of contemplation, mindfulness and meditation to keep you healthy, empowered and move you towards a higher vibration of light being.

6. An explanation of various spiritual practices to help you move forward and be the best version of yourself in this lifetime as we all wake up to who we really BE. Again all backed up by the latest scientific evidence and experienced by me.

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