Know Thyself Series

caduceusThe ‘Know Thyself’ Series of seminars, workshops, retreats and email courses have been put together to provide information to the public about how to move from limited and unresourceful human being to our true existence as aspects of the One Energy/All There Is/God (put your preferred word here). The series provides information and teachings including one to one sessions where applicable to help you move from victim consciousness to empowered avatar consciousness. This is an alchemical process and you will feel physiological changes in your body as you progress. The Know Thyself series explains the latest scientific findings in conjunction with esoteric and occult knowledge, in relation to your alchemical process which is always internal, therefore, there is a heavy emphasis on teaching how to listen to self and using your own innate knowing.

For too long humanity has relied on something outside of themselves (victim consciousness) and not used their innate knowing of what ‘is’. They have used the very limited left hand brain function which produces a very linear mind instead of using both hemispheres of the brain. This has left people at the mercy of dysfunctional and fraudulent systems which are just an external manifestation of group victim consciousness. We have been focused on small areas of life instead of the bigger picture. This can again be seen in the complexity and one pointed focus of everything from our university degrees and intellectual fields to our politics and social structures. All have missed the point by not collaborating with each other and not viewing life with an open focus and macrocosm or big picture mentality. Instead we have been looking in at the microcosm and not seeing numerous parts which make up one whole body called humanity….. look up, stop looking down!

The whole Know Thyself  series centers around the innate motivation you have to evolve and live a more productive and joyful life based on service to the whole as opposed to service to self.  When you understand the nature of energy you will very quickly come to realise that as an energy being you are part of the whole and indeed were never truly separated. When you know this from deep within you, you will understand the alchemical process that will be taking place as you transmute lower aspects of the self to a higher form. It will not be long before your true avatar self begins to be felt as you empower yourself and others to take your places as co-creators of the divine plan.

During these transitory times and as you “recreate self” it can sometimes be difficult as you are literally releasing many lifetimes of anger, fear and grief from cellular memory whilst forming new and more empowering ‘agreements’ or beliefs which are more in line with universal laws. There will be lots of  “…..weeping and gnashing of teeth…..” Luke13:28 in these “End Times” Of course since creation never stops expanding we are also embarking on the ‘beginning times’ too as we enter this Golden Age and literally transmute everything to a higher form. We are evolving at an incredible speed after being held back for thousands of years by those who didn’t know any better!

As the knowledge of who you are is ‘downloaded’ and gradually brought into your awareness you will have the motivation and ability to evolve. The Know Thyself series offers companion guides and resources to your higher knowing and if you feel so drawn please explore further. Our higher self puts us in touch with information we need to know for our higher evolution just at the right time 🙂

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