Avatar Email Course

This "Know Thyself" Email Course describes and takes the student through the esoteric and alchemical process of transmutation. Lower aspects of oneself - lower frequencies of vibrating energy - are transmuted to a higher form, for example the process of moving from fear to courage, hate to love and so on. As this happens it allows the student to understand how those lower aspects of self have hidden his "inner light". As this higher light rises it joins with very high vibration photonic energy (spirit) and the body metamorphosises into a more perfected form.

The 33 day email course helps the student by providing practical videos such as exercises, meditations and asanas. It also provides theory sessions which describe the relationship we have to our energetic, endocrine and reproductive (life force) systems for example, and how that relationship directly affects our consciousness levels. It describes ways of transmuting the "lower self" to a higher form. By using methods such as breathing, open focus techniques and witnessing, the course gives clear and simple information about keeping the positive (male) and negative (feminine) energies in balance on every level of our being. This is the androgynous state and must be increasingly adopted so that the Christ consciousness state of being can be integrated. It further provides information about how we are light beings and destined to live off light. In fact a few on the planet have already mastered this process. 

We are ENERGY GRADIENTS therefore what we think and feel has its final manifestation in our physical bodies. If we suffer from stiffness, aches, pain and disease in the physical body there is a very high chance that we have been creating it unconsciously with our negative thoughts and beLIEfs and resultant emotions. BeLIEfs are lies we tell ourselves to keep a certain limited perception of reality foremost and therefore gives us a certain limited experience.

This is the process of INVOLUTION. We are now beginning the process of EVOLUTION where we drop our beLIEf systems, progressively know thyself and automatically allow more light into our energy/chakra system. As we do this we begin to feel issues coming up for us to transmute and correspondingly spiritualisation and expansion of our energy system takes place. Our kundalini or life force energy sitting in the base chakra increasingly travels up the spine and clears out discordant and heavy energies lurking in all our chakras and bodies. Our whole energy/chakra system becomes more free flowing and begins to transmute into a more unlimited and free flowing system. We begin the process of transmuting ourselves into pillars of light, our light body fuses with the physical body and we are "resurrected" as the avatars we came here to be. We then function as beings who are "In this world but not of it". You are the one you have been waiting for.


33 Day Email Course

  • How To Achieve An Objectively Based Consciousness
  • How To Be Grounded And Empowered Every Moment
  • How To Continually Download Your Avatar Nature
  • Massive Physiological Benefits To The Physical Body     as it fuses with the Light Body!!!
  • How To Bring Awareness Back To The Second Brain      And Re-balance Energy In The Body.
  • How To Direct Chi In The Body And Use It To Improve     Health.
  • How To Use the Mind For What It Was Designed For       Instead Of Losing Energy Through Over Thinking
  • Progressive Drip Emails Over 33 Days Helping You To    Stay Focused
  • Free Unlimited Email Support During and After