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John Doe UI/UX Designer

After Treating Thousands of Clients it Became Obvious to Me that We Are an Energy Gradient Finally Manifesting as a Physical Body. It is therefore So Important that We Become Aware of the Human Electromagnetic Field and Once Again Take Control of Parts of Ourselves that have Remained Hidden for Far Too Long.

'Know Thyself Avatar' email course will provide the following:

Please keep reading if you want to return to your divine blueprint in all aspects of your being.


How to Achieve An Objectively Based Consciousness

(Instead of being ruled by emotions or the intellect)

Up to this point the human race has been ruled by emotions brought from the past (cellular memory) into the the present which creates the same dysfunctional future. Almost as unresourceful is viewing and commenting on life purely from the intellect (left hand brain function) which only sees a small portion of the bigger picture.

Furthermore this way of being has a hugely negative impact on the physical body which eventually leads to suffering and disease. Removing the blindfolds and increasing awareness or whole brain function has a huge impact on physiology and the way we operate leading to a more peaceful and healthier lifestyle.


How to Be Grounded and Empowered in Each Moment

(Instead of fragmenting your energy and achieving nothing)

By knowing how your energetic and endocrine systems function you are able to focus your attention much more effectively. You will be able to be so grounded in your day to day life while simultaneously being completely connected to your joy or inspiration. With practice this will lead to a state of being that is " this world but not of it" a highly empowered and joyful state.


How to Continually Download Your Avatar Nature

(The much misunderstood alchemical process)

As you fully open your third eye (6th chakra), continue transmuting lower aspects of yourself to a higher form you move out of mind identification and return to a heart centered way of being. This way of being removes the 'veil' (lower self) that has been in your life and as you comprehend your true nature as a compassionate and loving being a huge peacefulness unfolds in your life. When this happens more and more inspirational ideas are downloaded from higher aspects of yourself since they are no longer blocked by the lower self and your  higher purpose in this life becomes obvious. That purpose is first and foremost to heal and then to serve humanity through your particular inspiration.


Massive Physiological Benefits

(As lower energies are released from your human electromagnetic field)

As positive (masculine) and negative polarity (feminine) energies are resolved or come back into balance in every aspect of your being duality consciousness becomes a past experience. A more unified consciousness comes to the forefront as belief systems and held positions dissolve. This has a hugely positive and beneficial effect on the physical  body as life force energy or Qi is produced in greater quantities.  The physical body begins to fuse with your light body and you begin to heal. As this process unfolds it is possible that chronic conditions may subside or even disappear as your whole human electromagnetic field (which includes the physical body) comes into holistic balance. Learning how to use chi, redirecting it to various parts of the body has a hugely beneficial effect. Not only that but learning to come out of "the monkey mind" and redirecting awareness to the second brain or "lower tan tien" re-balances energy distribution and will move you into a very peaceful and therapeutic state.


How to Use The Mind For What It Was Designed For

(Instead of Identifying with the Mind as Who You Think You Are)

Resolving polarities or the dualistic nature of the mind has  many beneficial effects. As you do so and move deeper into the heart space you realise one of them is that the mind is a fantastic focusing tool and should consciously be used as such. Once you have focused on what you would like to create then you automatically come out of the mind and rest your awareness in the heart space.  This self regulation makes you more aware of your creations and prevents you from creating anything unresourceful because you can see how you were unconsciously creating negative situations previously.


A Progressive Drip Email Design

(So you can form a daily habit building on previous knowledge and awareness)

Each subsequent email has been carefully designed to build on previous knowledge and "growth potentials" while at the same time instilling an important and very necessary daily discipline of meditation and exercises/asanas.

Your higher or true nature already knows who you are. The progressive drip email design of the course is designed to chip away at the false or lower self so that your "Avatar Self" is progressively downloaded into the physical body, now there is a 'vibration' space. This leads to a more empowered you and transforms limitation to expansion in every area of your life.


Free Unlimited Email Support

To assure you of my commitment to your success I have provided 33 information packed emails with FREE email support for not only the duration of the course but afterwards to.

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I am blown away by how effective this course is. It is not just 28 days long however. For me it is a continual unfolding in new and exciting ways. My life keeps on expanding. I continue to do the practices and use the emails as a constant reference to help me grow and evolve. I highly recommend this course to anyone.

Louise Shaw

I have been seeking something for a long time to help me reconnect. I continue to meditate daily and shortly after completing the course left a job that I had been stuck in for years. I am now creating my dream life using my skills as a consultant and adviser. Each day I am inspired and much more connected to myself.

Shaun Williams

By regularly doing a few simple practices throughout the day I relate better to people at work and remain centered and in control rather than becoming agitated and impatient. I was shocked as previous emotional baggage that I thought I had dealt with was released one day. Afterwards I had so many incites about where I have been holding myself back in life that I cried for ages. I am so grateful that I bought this product. It has empowered me no end!!

Carry Philips

I thought I knew all about the energy system before I bought this course however David brings a unique understanding to how the chakras function in our day to day emotional and mental lives. By focusing on specific areas of the body during the many situations that unfold each day  I found myself always in my greatest personal power. Once a daily habit is maintained there is no going back to old unresourceful behaviours.

John Atkins

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