Hologenetic Patterns and The Spectrum of Consciousness

Genetic Patterns and The Spectrum

In these times of enormous energetic changes it is clear that our consciousness is being affected. New theories and discoveries about our hologenetic patterns and the spectrum of consciousness they affect are being studied and realised. As group consciousness increases then so does greater understandings about how life really works. The word genius is clearly connected to the word gene and those who were thought of as geniuses had a very high intelligence quotient (IQ). Where once we thought that genes could not be affected, we now realise that they can be by our environment, especially our internal landscape of mental and emotional patterns, beliefs and perceptions. Now we realise that being a genius, someone who has managed to reach higher levels of intelligence in certain key areas, is not the sole birthright of certain lucky individuals. Instead it can be achieved by those who demonstrate emotional intelligence (EQ) in an upward spiraling and unfolding, using life experiences as a reflection. A real genius therefore is someone who demonstrates a high IQ and EQ and is synonymous with a "Master of Wisdom." A real genius is someone who understands the relationship between his hologenetic patterns, wider creation and ultimately knows thyself.   

A genius or Master of Wisdom is therefore someone who is living at his zenith. He or she is living their life without holding back anything. To do that they must be in contact with higher aspects of themselves and to have transcended all fears. They must know thyself and their unique hologenetic profile. This involves living a courageous life, the first positive emotion on the map of the scale of consciousness (free download). This of course will involve an open heart approach to life with a service to the whole mentality as opposed to service to self. Your genius or self mastery will emerge out of your joy and utter passion for a particular undertaking which will extend into all your life experiences. To have then a guide or hologenetic profile with the issues you are here to transcend is of the utmost importance at this time. To know your innate gifts and skills is to have the codes and keys to unlock your very own DNA, the so called "junk DNA" which is anything but. Only our hearts can show us the way which means we must transcend the ego and turn authority over to a higher power.    

Our "junk" DNA holds the entire collective memory patterns of our past which includes not only all past lives as a human but also as animals, reptiles and so on. Before any "siddhic" state can be achieved our genetic memory has to be purged from the DNA. This also means that as your frequency or rate of vibration increases it is necessary to process deeper and deeper "shadow patterns" that come from our collective ancestral past. As these shadow states are transcended your very cells begin to vibrate at a higher and higher rate. As these states occur you become closer and closer to birthing yourself anew as the Adam Kadmon or Divine Human. It is much easier to do this if your soul contract or hologenetic profile is known (see below).

"It is the ability of DNA to weave light around itself that reveals its true hidden role within your body - to act as a superconductor whose sole purpose is to exponentially increase the frequency passing in and out of your body."  The Gene Keys: Unlocking The Higher Purpose Hidden in your DNA by Richard Rudd

The central message of this article is that you have the power to control both consciously (and unconsciously) the ability to raise or lower the frequency of light entering the body via axiatonal highways and the chakra system. By closing oneself down to lower shadow patterns, for example fear, then one effectively denies its existence and those lower energetic patterns will remain at a cellular level. For example using addictive patterns such as overeating, drinking, drug taking or even spending hours on social media to suppress what wants to be released. Humanity has been very good at doing this at a collective level. To surrender to these patterns by no longer engaging in the addiction but instead sitting quietly observing oneself with no judgement will help release them and increased levels of consciousness will come about. This process takes place because physiological changes in the body such as biochemical processes which are prevented, affected or initiated by the codes held in Light are being controlled by your higher self. It is therefore imperative that you know thyself and learn who you really are. An extremely effective way of doing this is to begin with a review of your hologenetic patterns. 



Hologenetic Profile & Explanation


  • Know Thyself Intimately
  • Understand The Patterns You Are Here To Transcend
  • A Knowing Of Where Your Passion & Genius Lies Once Deeply Ingrained Fear Patterns Are Transmuted
  • A Complete Guide To Where You Have Been Emotionally And Where You Are Going
  • An Understanding Of Your Connection To All Life
  • An Understanding Of The Power That You Wield Both Consciously And Unconsciously