Higher Self and Our Three Fold Being

To understand the higher self it is necessary to know that our being is three fold in nature. It consists of the basic, conscious and higher selves which is similar to the body mind and soul analogy. Empowering ourselves requires knowing who we are therefore it is vital to have at least a rudimentary understanding of these other two parts to fully understand our relationship to the higher self.

The Basic Self

The basic self is an expression of the five physical senses along with crying and laughing and other physical actions which make up this important part of our being. If we wanted to make a distinction between the basic and higher self we could say that the basic self is instinctual whilst the higher self is intuitive. People who function mainly from the basic self are left brain and ego motivated. They allow their needs and wants to supercede any higher, more intuitive thoughts. We should remember though that the basic self allows us to integrate higher aspects of ourself onto the physical plane. As we begin to integrate our higher self via our conscious self into the physical body we begin to bring the basic self under control. We begin to gain balance and peace and therefore become the avatars that is our destiny.

The Conscious Self

The Conscious Self is the home of our thoughts and attitudes. It can also be the home of our joy and sadness as well as our ability to choose one or the other. It is the domain of memory, creativity and idealism. Conscious Self is the bridge between Basic and Higher Self, integrating our reactive and instinctive aspects with our spiritual values and centeredness. It is the connection between the left and right lobes of our brain. When it chooses to be negative, Conscious Self becomes “unconscious and unresourceful self.” It becomes judgemental, reactive, evasive, stressed and adopts victim mentality. Without the integration of the higher self the conscious self is fragmented and purposeless. However, if we allow it to fulfill its ultimate purpose, Conscious Self is the great evaluator.

It translates spiritual awareness into physical consciousness. Conscious Self helps us to interpret intuition, love and wisdom. It’s the place where knowledge, compassion and wisdom is translated into positive action. Conscious Self is anchored in the memory; it links past knowledge with present experience to create an archive of pertinent information. When used positively this repository becomes the basis of our confidence and self-esteem, and expands to embrace enhanced creativity and even further, intelligent idealism. As we download more and more of our higher self the conscious self becomes more focused and less fragmented. We literally transmute lower energies into a higher form. We become courageous and eventually fearless.

Higher Self

The Higher Self includes our moral virtues, philosophical ideas and spiritual values. It is the essence of sensitivity and feeling, the aspect of our being that recognises and determines our needs. It expresses itself as intuition, love and wisdom. It is our highest form of expression, the God within. Action through the Higher Self is largely right-brained demonstrating creativity, spirituality and compassion. Our higher self has always been there but hidden from us because of our drop in consciousness (frequency of vibration). It is the essence of our personality but filtered through conditioning or an unresourceful belief system.

Ascension in consciousness is effectively a deconditioning process. An understanding that the processes of schooling and education as it stands today on this planet is a trap and resultant career/job placement in society is mostly meaningless and does not serve anyone apart from those who created existing  parasitical systems. There are a number of groups leading the way in bringing a higher consciousness to this planet and ignoring the threats from those supporting existing dysfunctional and fraudulent systems.

The 144,000

One such group is the 144000 who are making an energetic pathway from extreme fear and rage to courage and love. It is necessary to do this so that every level of consciousness within the general population is catered for. Each of the the 144000 is doing this in line with their own learning and experience in this lifetime and sections of the public will follow those they feel drawn too. The 144,000 live in undisclosed locations worldwide.

Many people confuse love with emotions. True love is a function of the Higher Self. Physical attraction (Basic Self) and mental conditioning (Conscious Self) frequently accompany love and even obscure it. True Love however has a depth that permeates every facet of positive human expression and comes from the higher self/God. It enjoys expression through the emotions, but it is not governed by the emotions. Higher Self is best facilitated through the development of our intuition which comes from imagination. When we do this our crown chakra opens and an energetic remapping or rejoining and strengthening of axiatonal lines takes place. This leads to a new and deep sense of personal freedom. Attendant to such freedom is newfound wealth and compassion. It leads to a depth of wisdom that is legendary in human expression and which is emerging now. This wisdom will engulf the planet over the next couple of decades.

We are multidimensional (existing in numerous frequency bands) spiritual beings having a human experience. When the beginning of the fall in consciousness began to take place and we suddenly fell in the great cataclysms on earth 26000 years ago a good deal of the experience of being here was forgetfulness of who we are and of universal laws which govern us. We are now experiencing a rise in consciousness once again as the higher self begins to make itself known and is progressively downloaded into the body.

The higher self is that sacred part of ourselves that only knows peace, love and compassion. Everyone experiences the higher self differently according to life plan and higher purpose. The higher self is a higher energy frequency of you, of your consciousness. The more you can raise your own vibration in terms of transmutation of lower emotions and detoxifying or spiritualising the body the easier it is to connect and "download" higher frequency bands of yourself. Once you are able to do this you can connect directly to God via higher self energies. Many however resist higher purpose fearing expansion of themselves, quite often denying their self worth because of conditioning. If however we dare to be different, instead of inhabiting a linear existence with purely analytical thinking a new more holistic connected and synchronistic world opens up to us.

A Special Lifetime

All experiences on earth are about moving us back into holistic balance. In this lifetime our job is to act upon the very quiet and subtle promptings of the higher self. First we must move into courage and overcome a sense of entropy that all human beings experience. This may take us into some "dark" places but we can be assured that our higher self knows what it is doing. We may follow the promptings via intuition, life situations and our interaction with others. Life situations are the outward manifestation of what the higher self wants for us in terms of confronting ourselves so that healing can take place. This however, is filtered through the ego or lower self and may therefore not be completely clear. The more we entertain lower emotions and follow a less that divine life the harder it is to "hear" the higher self.

By beginning to meditate and progressively following a yogic lifestyle automatically leads to a devotional or spiritual life. We are raising our own frequency and the higher self is lowering its frequency so we have the potential to download the higher self, higher consciousness or higher frequency light into the physical body. This is happening more and more as humanity awaken from the conditioning programs of old systems which will eventually collapse or morph into new systems of holistic wisdom.

We all have a divine blueprint or template and once our frequency has risen high enough we can begin to accesss this blueprint. It is contained within our very own genes in our dna which are in every cell of the body. As we access this template we begin to know how life really works, the cyclical nature of the universe and sacred geometry for example, and awareness of past lives and future potentials becomes apparent. As our frequency increases and the higher self is completely downloaded into the body we have the possibility to know everything and walk the earth as divine avatars or ascended masters.

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