Entropy and The Law of Vibration During This Cosmic Cycle

One of the greatest weaknesses or blind spots in the human being is the refusal to be courageous and move from illusion to reality until enough way showers have done it first. This "pack" or tribal conditioning has been built into our very genes because in times gone by it was unsafe to be different. Indeed this rigidity, the fear of being different has caused most on this planet to accept the prevailing systems of lack and  sameness and therefore to contribute to them by focusing their intent and energy in that direction.

This sameness and conformity has caused many to constantly be in a state of inertia, to reinforce their illusionary mind "stories" created for them by the mass conditioning programs. This inertia, this rigidity of beliefs, or closing down of the energetic system creates entropy. This entropy causes the premature wearing down of the physical body, refusing to allow renewing energies in from the universe by carefully policing and reinforcing outdated and rigid belief systems about how life really works. This refusal during this changing cosmic cycle has slowed the whole process of human ascension (evolution) on this planet. Fortunately and especially for those still focusing their energy on the old electromagnetic matrix and stuck in the old systems of "maya", the proverbial line in the sand has been drawn. In the coming physical events including the collapse of the Orion debt based slave money system many will realise that universal energies must be allowed to move through them unless they want to continue to inhabit the lower Orion/reptilian based network of separation, fear and competition. It's now time to choose the reality you want to focus on. It's now time to completely let go of those outdated beliefs about how life really works if you are to ascend to a higher understanding of self and the universe.


According to the mind we cannot do anything about entropy. A simple definition of entropy could be:

"A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a CLOSED system. More entropy means less energy available for doing work."

Human beings generally think they are closed systems. They generally want to stay separate. The more closed you are the more rigid are your beliefs. As human beings we generally do not accept ourselves which creates a kind of apathy or gloom. Entropy could be said is the opposite of love. We have shut down our system to source energies so much we feel alone and separated. Entropy is the black hole to creativities white hole. However entropy is actually an extremely fertile state of awareness and providing we don't suppress this apathy or gloom but sit with it we can wait and it will automatically move to creativity. Unfortunately human beings try to avoid the feelings of apathy and gloom like the plague and constantly keep themselves in a false state of creativity and joy by distractions such as addictions or unresourceful behaviours. We then become the target for todays hyped up marketing nonsense promising fulfillment from something outside ourselves. 

This is impossible because life cannot live without a certain amount of duality. Instead of waiting patiently in contemplative awareness we immediately either distract ourselves from the lower emotions or try to "fix" them which doesn't allow the cycle to finish. Since there is a physiological process taking place chemicals are released into the body. If this process doesn't complete then we risk hardwiring lower states such as depression into the body. Depression usually comes about because we resist certain shadow frequencies. Every time a person moves cleanly  through the lower frequencies, not attaching to them but just watching them they illustrate the creation myth - "out of the darkness there was light". Suddenly we find ourselves moving from the lower frequencies and into joy and the creative need to express it. As you are able to go through this process repeatedly and cleanly without trying to avoid it, a sense of freshness and newness will enter your life and your vessel will become clearer for the creative process to take place as cellular frequency increases. The Law of Vibration begins to make itself tangible.

The Law of Vibration

Sometimes called the Law of Hierarchies, the Law of Vibration is in total contrast to our existing systems of hierarchy consisting of an out of balance yang energy and therefore based on fear. Contrary to popular belief the spiritual realm is built on hierarchy but that is where the similarity ends. The higher a human being or entity vibrates then the more awareness and therefore wisdom and unconditional love that being will demonstrate simpy because they are aware of how life works. This automatically and naturally puts those souls or entities who are of a higher vibration "overseeing" souls or entities whose frequency doesn't quite allow them to see the bigger picture. These higher vibrating souls then become the way showers of "younger" or less experienced souls. Contrast this with the way our 3D world is set up at present with lower frequency souls (the power over brigade) at the top of the pyramid and older souls quietly embodying their divinity (higher energetic aspects) and therefore forcing the total collapse of existing slavery systems as group consciousness vibrates higher and higher.      

Another obvious tell tale sign of the "older soul" in this changing cycle is the focus on knowing thyself and the journey within, the fusion of the physical body with his or her higher energy bodies. We are quite literally allowing higher aspects of ourselves (spiritual bodies) to integrate into the physical body whilst doing the work of purifying our lower bodies (the mental, emotional and physical bodies). This fusion en mass by older souls all over the planet in tandem with the planet doing the same thing and us now being inside the photon belt is having a profound effect on human consciousness. This is in spite of those "ruling" powers causing chaos and dysfunction and trying to lead humanity down the path of fear and terror. The new reality is about expanding our consciousness into the unseen, unheard and invisible realms so that we are not ruled by the logic of the mind. To do this we first have to balance our polarity thinking whilst we focus on unconditional love.

The Resolution of Polarity Thinking

Polarity or duality thinking is the cause of all the problems in our lives and on this planet. We create our whole lives in the mental plane first. If there is duality here then it filters down into the emotional body as lower emotions and then the physical body as tightness or even disease.

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration; True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art” The Kybalion

The process of evolution is the taking back of control of your mental processes, to realise that the mind is not who you are but is a tool which must be used correctly. Many still remain stuck in the mind to such an extent that that is who they think they are. We are one consciousness inhabiting unique and individual biological vessels with a different perspective and understanding of life. As a human race we are all moving towards enlightenment which is the regular habit of coming out of the mind and being this one consciousness. To do this we must come away from constantly "inhabiting" the mind and become aware of other areas of the body especially the heart and second brain. It is about seeing the bigger picture and therefore having a deeper understanding and wisdom about life.  As we do this more and more our thinking mind begins to calm and something rather extraordinary happens. Chi or qi energy in the body begins to flow again unimpeded by "mental/emotional" blocks. This has a huge beneficial effect on the physical body.

“Qi then can be defined as the energy produced when complementary, polar opposites are harmonised. Vital energy, qi, arises when opposites are unified.......” The Way of Qi Gong” by Kenneth S. Cohen

As we progressively move out of polarity thinking into unity by spending more of our time in the body our energetic systems begin to function again optimally. We can then concentrate on using our minds as a focusing tool in tandem with our hearts' desires. Moving out of these mind programs and into non polarity thinking moves us out of the highly charged fear paradigm and away from existing slavery systems and attachment to their inevitable collapse. After all they are just a reflection of humanities unconsciousness.

Unconditional Love

The road to unconditional love can only be travelled once non polarity or neutral thinking becomes a habit which in turn allows negative emotions to be transmuted. Unconditional love is of a higher order or vibration because it doesn't allow the lower emotions to have an input. The person who exhibits unconditional love is a very high vibration being because he or she comes from a place of absolute neutrality. This person will listen to others point of view, but doesn't necessarily agree. This person understands that the others point of view will not affect them in any way because they are not vibrating at "tick tock" speed and therefore easily pulled into that lower energy frequency. An entity who is demonstrating true unconditional love gives up all mundane efforts and activities and follows his/her soul which is now the dominant force in his/her life. Any effort to follow or comply with the demands of society affords an adaptation to the lower frequency, anxiety and fear based self preservation patterns that control current society. From this perspective society is an enormous trap to the ascending entity. Therefore it is imperative that one follows the callings of his or her soul and demonstrates unconditional love.                                                            

The 4th chakra (heart) or emotional centre is blocked in most individuals and therefore for this reason many are not able to experience unconditional love. Most people who are ascending in consciousness and away from the fear based paradigm can attribute many of their issues to a blocked or closed 4th chakra. The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the experience of various angst or fear patterns that shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the DNA by the soul and profoundly affect human behaviour.

The 4th chakra is associated with the thymus. As the 4th chakra opens the thymus begins to grow. The growth of the thymus can be associated with chest pains, asphyxia, episodes of severe bronchitis and pneumonitis and is often misdiagnosed by doctors who are still in the dark about the ascension of humanity. One of the most disturbing symptoms is the sudden onset of heart arrhythmia which is due to the heart regulating itself to the new powerful astral energies which flow unrestricted in the body once the 4th chakra is fully open.

As I mentioned earlier we are in a new cycle and with that comes the "death" of the old and the chaos that is the transition period. The transition period has been here for some time and depending on the adherence to the urgings of your own soul and your "contract" in this lifetime you may be experiencing various levels of chaos. The important thing to remember is that you cannot control life, nor can you remain separate from it. You are in fact the "container" that life flows through. The level of chaos or joy is indicative of the level of letting go you are prepared to undertake. But one thing is for sure life will move on with or without you. Personally I would rather let go and enjoy the ride.


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