Cellular Memory

The awareness of cellular memory and the implications of this important mechanism is very important if we are to understand who we are. Cellular memory contains the complete blue print of our existence (past lives too!). Every cell in the body contains this blueprint. We could call it ‘mind’ This includes both the higher and lower mind (ego/personality). We normally think of the mind being mainly in the head but that is only because there are an abundance of cells in that region so we automatically bring our awareness more to that area. In “Molecules of emotion” by Candace Pert she revealed how her study of information-processing receptors on nerve cell membranes led her to discover that the same “neural” receptors were present on most, if not all, of the body’s cells. Her experiments established that the “mind” was not focused in the head but was distributed via signal molecules to the whole body.

Also in Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton he writes:

Through self consciousness, the mind can use the brain to generate “molecules of emotion” and override the system. While proper use of consciousness can bring health to an ailing body, inappropriate unconscious control of emotions can easily make a healthy body diseased”

This has been corroborated in my own therapy sessions when working on certain areas of a clients body they have had ‘flash backs’ to memories which are holding them from moving forward in life. These cellular memories are coming up for release. Once these often traumatic experiences are released more empowering ‘programs’ can be learned using affirmations and ‘talking therapies’. This is happening much more often now as the energies on the planet become stronger and we morph into the Adam Kadmon light being mentioned in esoteric texts.

A Short Term Solution

The storing of much of the trauma we have in our cellular memory was designed as a short-term mechanism to help us survive overwhelming situations. Later the trauma should be released when it is safe to do so however this very often does not happen for a number of reasons:

  • sometimes the trauma is so frightening and overwhelming that clearly it would not have lost any of it’s ‘energetic charge’ later when it is safe to do so and therefore because we don’t deal with it the imprint remains in the cellular memory;
  • when the trauma is ongoing and there is never a safe time or place to release those memories. This can happen especially to children who are repeatedly abused but also to adults who are in dysfunctional relationships and are too frightened to leave.

If we look at this particular lifetime we can see that since cellular memory contains the lower mind we can influence it by changing our beliefs about our lives. It is our beliefs which keep us in the illusion of limitation and lower energies. There is also a correlation between past life experiences and our attitudes then, which filter through to this lifetime and our everyday lives because of this cellular memory. Remember when we transition through the death experience we take the "physical body" with us, that is, we drop the dense physical body – which is made of the same materials as the planet – but take an ‘energetic imprint’ of cellular patterning so we take our full ‘galactic history’ with us.

There is much resistance in the scientific community to even study this phenomenon but as Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton said in Biology of belief:

"The Medical Establishment will eventually be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the quantum revolution."

….also with the higher energies now available many people including myself are experiencing past life memories such as previous injuries, flashes of experiences you havn’t had in this lifetime, or suddenly becoming interested in something you were not previously drawn to.

More Proof of Cellular Memory

In a paper entitled Knowing By Heart: Cellular Memory in Heart Transplants by Kate Ruth Linton(under the supervision of Tom Anderson) she recounts how an 8yr old girl received the heart of a ten year old girl who was murdered. Shortly after receiving her new heart, the girl began having recurring nightmares about the man who had murdered her donor. She believed she knew who the murderer was. Her mother finally brought her to a psychiatrist and after several sessions, the girl’s psychiatrist “could not deny the reality of what the child was telling her.” They decided to call the police and, using the descriptions from the little girl, they found the murderer. According to the psychiatrist, “the time, the weapon, the place, the clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him…… everything the little heart transplant recipient reported was completely accurate” (Pearsall 7). Needless to say, the psychiatrist was eager to find any available explanation for this particular patient’s experience.

Several transplant surgeons have contributed to a theory for cellular memory essentially based on psychological and metaphysical conditions, which Dr. Paul Pearsall has pieced together. Pearsall is a psychoneuroimmunologist, or a licensed psychologist who studies the relationship between the brain, immune system, and an individual’s life experiences. Pearsall calls this theory the “Lowered Recall Threshold” (Pearsall 120). Basically, it suggests that the immunosuppressive drugs that transplant recipients must take are what bring about associations to donor experiences in recipients. Immunosuppressive drugs minimize the chances of rejection of the new, foreign heart by suppressing the recipient’s immune system. Scientists believe these drugs could also possibly act as psychotropic, meaning “acting on the mind” (Merriam Webster 1090), stimulants that lower the patient’s “thresholds for accessibility” and enhance their perception, allowing them to recall memories they may have long forgotten. In other words, transplant recipients who claim to be having experiences with the cellular memories of their donors are actually just recalling their own memories of their own life experiences (Pearsall 120). However, in instances such as the eight year old girl’s who received the murdered girl’s heart, this certainly does not seem to be the case.

Growth or Protection (Love or Fear)…..Your Choice!

Cells exhibit a growth/protection range of activity which is essential for the survival of multicellular organisms such as humans. The catch is that both processes cannot happen optimally at the same time eg. The behaviour of a cell when providing nutrition as opposed to the behaviour when providing a protection response. (Lipton, et al, 1991)

This has huge ramifications when we look at the growth of humans. Humans unavoidably restrict their own growth (for example awareness) when they shift into a protective mode. The human race up till now has largely been in this protective (survival) mode therefore most of our energy has been used for the protective response which inevitably results in a curtailment of growth (both physical and emotional). Furthermore growth itself requires an open exchange between the human being and the environment. If this doesn’t happen the old protective programs are in operation by default and we as humans do not grow. It is possible to shut down the growth processes so completely that we start to develop diseases and therefore can actually shut our own bodies down just because we automatically default to the old worn out belief systems.

Dr Candace Pert describes the same process:

“By default, your body is built to support health, harmony and connection between all parts. So why do we get sick, develop a disease or illness that won’t easily go away? If our bodies are meant to support vitality and healing then why doesn’t it just happen right away? The simplest answer in our experience over the last 20 years is that the Cellular Memory by nature contains both Positive Emotional Charge (PEC) and Negative Emotional Charge (NEC) that is constantly flowing and influencing our state of mind and body health. The PEC is our soul’s birthright. It can be described as an energy field of life force that is free flowing, expanding, peaceful, non-fearful, whole and alive beyond words. The NEC is our human condition. It can be described as an energy field of life force that is contracted; held as unprocessed traumatic experiences, negative beliefs about ourselves and others, suffocation, fear and any emotion that is a derivation of fear such as guilt, grief, shame, embarrassment, resentment, anger, etc.. We refer to the NEC’s collective energy field as the Pain Body. When the NEC becomes disproportionately higher than the PEC, this leads to massive dysfunction in the human body-mind system.”

In this world and in the west especially we have been subjected to an enormous con in which we have been led to believe that all knowledge is outside of ourselves, in libraries, on the computer, from so called “experts”. During the phase of our involution (moving away from source energy) we have expected others to know better than ourselves. We have never been taught to look within. In recent years many have begun this inward journey using practices such as meditation and yoga and taking an active participation in their own healing however there has still been a tendency to look too much to others for their wisdom. Once this is done you immediately negate your own unique path and place in this world and "standardise" the response you receive, that is, the accepted and controlling rational or prevailing consciousness level. We have been doing that for far too long. It is now time for each and every one of us to venture inwards and discover what has been ignored for far too long, our essence and reason for BEing. It is time for each one of us to know thyself and begin the journey back to source. It is time for evolution.

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