Genetic Patterns and The Spectrum of Consciousness

Genetic Patterns and The Spectrum

Our genetic patterns and the potential spectrum of consciousness they can release give us the possibility in this lifetime for wholeness and transcendence from the human condition. Many sacred texts were written such as the Bible, Koran, Talmud and the I Ching in an attempt to guide us and help us decipher the code to our higher nature. Many of these texts have been watered down or interfered with by those who wish to keep the human race subservient and in victim consciousness. However with cutting edge science - most notably cell biologist Bruce Lipton's work promoting the idea that DNA and genes can be manipulated by a person's beLIEfs and guiding texts such as the I Ching - we now have a greater understanding of the human condition and its potential for transcendence. 

Further work by Richard Rudd, teacher, mystic and poet saw the potential in the I Ching. By contemplation of the 64 hexagrams he experienced his own breakthrough. By naming the 64 genetic archetypes the 'Gene Keys' Richard came to understand them not as fixed behavioural characteristics but as a fluctuating spectrum of vast human possibility. By constantly being mindful of mental and emotional patterns it is possible to bring "the light" of your own consciousness to any negative feeling or situation and increase the frequency of your own 'Gene Keys' thereby becoming the architect of your own biography. In my own work as a therapist and healer I am aware that the body is the final manifestation of negative mental and emotional patterns, that is, the human physical body is the final manifestation of an energy gradient or human electromagnetic field and the aches, pains and disease we experience are very much linked to our mental and emotional patterns (as well as the physical effects of our caustic environment). In fact by looking at the symptoms in the body we can work backwards and diagnose the real cause of those issues. Something the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to know.

At low frequency rates (negative emotions) fear prevails and our 'gene keys' manifest as victim patterns in our own lives. As we make the effort to work through these patterns our frequency rises which directly affects our genes. Codes are unlocked and new states of being are achieved. We are actually recreating ourselves. By progressively knowing thyself we are transmuting lower frequency states and changing who we are. For many this journey is just too frightening and actually make a point of reinforcing their own 'illusionary self' or ego thereby keeping everything the same including limited experiences of life. 

At this time we are being given the opportunity to transcend the human condition thanks to huge energies coming in from the sun, the cosmos and unusual planetary alignments. 

"Our bodies are a direct reflection of the cosmos. There are only 64 fundamental fractal patterns. As we open ourselves up to these organic patterns by surrendering to what life is showing us our 64 'gene keys' respond by unlocking higher levels of awareness."

You are not only influencing your biology but also your own destiny. At a specific moment in time, for example your birth, a certain set of fractal patterns were at play. By deciphering those patterns we can see into the corresponding forces that make you who you are. We can also see our potential by releasing or transmuting those same patterns. By progressively working with those patterns and transcending the lower frequencies we can transmute the 'lower self' or ego and once again take our place as divine ambassadors for the planet thereby serving the whole of humanity instead of the "illusionary" false self.

As we contemplate our own hologenetic profile, one of the first breakthroughs we encounter is becoming aware of our own higher purpose. In a sense we are all healing and 'returning' to source so we can arrive back at that sacred point of wholeness. A task we have as part of that higher purpose is to clean up the mess we have left on this planet by creating services and products unique to us. That requires a group effort but can only be achieved when a certain tipping point of people take complete responsibility for themselves and "heal" their lower nature. Pointing at others and looking outside of oneself is not the answer because you also helped to create our dysfunctional world by being afraid, asleep and in victim consciousness. You took part in the 'slavery systems' that are now clearly visible, for example the western banking system and the legal 'commercial slavery' system.

The moment of conception is a microcosm of the Big Bang itself. It was at the moment of conception that you received the sacred wound or disconnection from source via your ancestral DNA. Your awareness left the wholeness of being and entered the great game of life. This wound or disconnection from source begins between conception and birth and of course continues when we are born where societal conditioning and programming continues. Bruce Lipton tells us that we are conditioned in the womb to prepare us to meet the demands of our world. Thus your deepest potentials and your deepest challenges are all imprinted inside your biology before you are even born. This wound or fracturing is the cause of all human suffering that separates you from who you really are. The healing of this wound is the opening up of your energetic system not just in the physical body but in your human electromagnetic field. If necessary this can be done remotely via axiatonal realignment. At this time the potential for transcendence and return to our higher nature is very high but first we have to do the work. If you require assistance please reach out for help