Beliefs and The Subconscious Mind

cellWe have heard of the subconscious, conscious and superconscious. These terms are synonymous with body mind and spirit. However when we talk of keeping the body in balance with our minds and spirit we often refer to correct nutrition, exercise and such like completely missing out the one thing that would keep your body in perfection and therefore completely in alignment to the mind and spirit. I am talking about releasing the dysfunctional energetic patterns which are creating your life and which are stored in your CELLS.

The subconscious is in every cell of your body.

When you release these very often destructive ‘programs’ or beLIEfs your body and your life will automatically heal. I see this everyday when clients come for treatment. The issues they experience in the body are a direct reflection of subconscious beLIEfs and programming. This programming filters down into the physical body via the endocrine system. Here are a few of the issues. Please note it is important you do not take this as a diagnosis as this information is general in nature:

Anxiety – not trusting the flow of life. For many this is because they have little awareness of their true nature;

Scoliosis – a belief that you are unsupported in life or constantly feeling burdened;

Hip pain – usually to do with rigidity in thinking and fear of moving forward in life. It is also the balance of male and female (positive and negative polarities) energies. And of course because hips are out of balance we then get back and neck problems. I have been getting many people with these issues over the last few years.

The problem is that up till now we have not been aware of our subconscious beLIEfs and only become aware of them….perhaps….when we have a negative emotion about a situation or issue. This is because these beLIEfs or programs lie in the 97% of the mind that we are not usually conscious of. Scientists reckon that the subconscious mind is one million times stronger than the conscious mind. This is why affirmations performed in normal waking consciousness (beta state) will have no effect whatsoever on your subconscious and therefore you. The subconscious holds ALL beLIEfs, skills, memories, images, situations from ALL lifetimes! It is not surprising then that our subconscious underpins our whole life in terms of how we perceive it…..

But we can change this perception……

Therefore I am finally getting to the point of this article and that is this. You can only change/release energetic patterning or beLIEfs from your cells when you take the conscious mind out of play. You can only do this while the brain is in an alpha but preferably theta state. This is what we call a meditative state and is the true source of your creative abilities.

When we are in the alpha, theta (and delta) states we are in whole brain functioning, that is both hemispheres of the brain are communicating with each other.

During this state we can reprogram the subconscious mind. We can reprogram our GENES.

Traditionally we have tried to uncover the limiting programs that have held us back. However this is a long and laborious job taking many decades and even a lifetime as there are many interlinking and related beLIEfs. This means that although we may uncover one ‘anxiety’ beLIEf for example, we still tend to feel anxious because of other deep seated energetic patterns of anxiety and fear. There is a much better way.

When you are meditating and have moved from a beta to alpha and then a theta state (ie from normal consciousness to relaxed focus and then to total relaxation with little or no awareness of the external environment) it is time to identify which EMOTION you no longer wish to feel. The reason we target emotions is that each emotion is aligned with many beLIEfs or programs so when we release or change an emotion we have effectively released all the connecting programs and not just one!!

So how do we release/change an emotion?

While we are in a deep meditative state we think of the opposite emotion we want to feel from the one we have been experiencing. When we are feeling this pleasant emotion the ENERGETIC CHARGE of this feeling must be GREATER than the charge of the existing feeling. You must really feel it so run through various scenarios in your head or minds eye to experience this emotion. Remember you are literally recreating your life from ‘The Void’ or no time so anything goes. When the charge is greater we are creating new neural pathways in our brains. We are recreating ourselves. Over time and as we strengthen these new neural pathways (by meditating regularly) the old pattern is still there but will weaken and eventually we will no longer be aware of it.

To give you a simple analogy of what is happening imagine the following. When we learn to drive a car we are building new neural pathways in the brain and over time strengthen these by practicing. These new neural pathways correspond to the coordinated physical actions we engage in to drive. This is what one of the cool functions of the subconscious is all about, storing and using on demand repetitive functions so you/conscious mind don’t have to think.

If we then don’t drive our car (that is the old emotion and neural pathway) for 2 years these neural pathways weaken, that is the emotion subsides (but the neural pathways and the emotion is still there if we choose to follow that ‘program’ again or drive). If we now learn to ride a motorcycle (assume it is a more empowering emotion and new neural pathways are developed) and decide to ride the motorcycle regularly instead of driving the car (old emotion and neural pathways) we will strengthen our motorcycle riding abilities (new emotion and neural pathways) and become very ‘rusty’ at driving a car (old neural pathways and emotions). The new emotion and neural pathways are now strengthened and used regularly, that is we are consistently riding the motorcycle.

In the long term because we have literally raised our vibration (more empowering emotion) we do not want to go back to the original emotion (old neural pathway) because we realise how limiting it was. You will have realised this when you no longer ‘resonate’ with people that you used to have so much in common with.

So ‘The Work’ that many of us are doing at this moment is not only connecting with spirit (superconscious) but also the releasing of old worn out and dysfunctional energetic patterns in our cells which are keeping the physical body and what we perceive as ourselves (small self/personality) locked into 3D life. When these old energetic patterns are released your cells quite literally vibrate at a higher frequency (remember everything is energy). You have recreated yourself and therefore have raised your awareness and consciousness which AUTOMATICALLY means your connection to spirit (superconscious) is strengthened.

We often only see half a story when we think in a certain way. I hope by changing the body in the ‘body, mind and spirit’ analogy to the subconscious and giving an overview of how our beLIEfs are stored in cells (subconscious) that you may have a better understanding of why your life may not be perfect at the moment. There is more to the body than keeping it fit in the traditional sense. Clearly, dysfunctional energetic patterns and beliefs which have kept you locked into a certain way of life must be released if you are to move to a different and much improved perception of reality.

The important work that we are all doing at this moment is therefore about releasing dysfunctional energy patterns from our CELLS and ascending our consciousness WITH the physical body. The fun is being in the physical body therefore it is important that we take it with us as humanity grow in awareness and consciousness over the next few years.

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