Freebedo and Me

Hi, I'm David Kyle. I will help you find more of yourself. I will help you download more of your higher self.

My courses, retreats, writings and healing sessions will help trigger your higher purpose unleashing the real you. You will connect to your spiritual essence and fly.  For many this will be the first time in this lifetime. For others I will help you not only rediscover yourself but move into your higher purpose. You will also receive many tips, tools and tricks to help you become the "Avatar" you came here to be.

Once you find your higher purpose this will effect every area of your life. You will be more creative, passionate and imaginative because you will have brought more of your higher self into the world.  As you bring more of you into the world you will feel more fulfilled and therefore will experience more joy and happiness.

How Will I Do This?

By providing some or all of the following as required:

  • One to one healing sessions;
  • Workshops;
  • Retreats;
  • Online Know Thyself Courses
  • Books

What others are saying about me:

"I am blown away by how effective this course is. It is not just 33 days long however. For me it is a continual unfolding in new and exciting ways. My life keeps on expanding. I continue to do the practices and use the emails as a constant reference to help me grow and evolve. I highly recommend this course to anyone."

"By regularly doing a few simple practices throughout the day I relate better to people at work and remain centered and in control rather than becoming agitated and impatient. I was shocked as previous emotional baggage that I thought I had dealt with was released one day. Afterwards I had so many incites about where I have been holding myself back in life that I cried for ages. I am so grateful that I bought this product. It has empowered me no end!!"

"I have been seeking something for a long time to help me reconnect. I continue to meditate daily and shortly after completing the course left a job that I had been stuck in for years. I am now creating my dream life using my skills as a consultant and adviser. Each day I am inspired and much more connected to myself."

About Me

I’m a freedom lover who back in 2003 began to awaken to the atrocities committed by our own “authorities” against the people and to the planet itself. I love life and am committed to helping people awaken to their true potential and in so doing understand the bigger plan of why we are here especially at this important time in the history of humanity. Although I really don’t like labels I am also known as a Sports Therapist, Energy Healer, Lifestyle Practitioner, Teacher, Author and International Speaker.

I have spoken on subjects such as the collapse or metamorphosis of the corporate governments and banking system, birth certificates, PERSONS, spirituality, energy changes, cycles, 144000, ego self, higher self, knowing thyself and many more ……..


FreeBeDo is a digital platform supporting seminars, workshops, retreats, online courses and healing/coaching sessions. It acknowledges the shift in planetary awareness whereby we first awaken to a system of conditioning, slavery and corruption and in doing so begin to set our consciousness free from it. (because we helped to unconsciously create it) We are then Free to Be and Do what we desire, providing it is for the greater benefit of everyone including the planet. This involves a heart centered approach rather than using the ego/lower personality self which was based on illusion, self-aggrandisement and separation. In other words we transmute the lower self into a higher form, one of service and respect for all life. If it doesn’t feel good don’t do it. Like wise if it excites you and brings you joy then do it!

In recognising the former conditioning and slavery systems we also acknowledge there is much healing to be done by the general population and indeed that process never stops until we are again One with Source. FREEBEDO and associated social media also provides free articles and a place for like minded people to discuss and share information to help each person find freedom from the conditioning of the former systems and in doing so help raise awareness and consciousness so you can BE who you came here to be. When you realise and accept that you are creating everything in your life it becomes a joy to heal from unresouceful beliefs and emotions which are creating your external reality. There has never been a better time in history to do this because of the huge influx of energies from the sun and galactic center. We are being helped!!

As the site evolves there shall be plenty of opportunities to contribute and share ideas on a wide range of topics such as personal development, healing, spirituality, entrepreneurship and travel to name a few. I encourage all to contribute if they feel so drawn, so we can together develop a community of like minded FreeBeDo Explorers.

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