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Resistance to Higher Purpose
If for some reason every soul on this planet woke up tomorrow morning and took the first few steps towards living their dreams our dysfunctional and parasitical society would collapse by the evening
Cosmic Order Reflected In Your Life Equals Harmony
Moving back into Cosmic Order should be easy as it has been highlighted repeatedly the nature of existing control systems which are in direct violation of divine laws...
Internal Alchemy
All true Alchemy teachings are concerned with the transmutation of suffering through Divine Will. The synthesis of all Alchemy teachings is made up of the Trinity of Divine Will, Love and Wisdom
Entropy and The Law of Vibration During This Cosmic Cycle
One of the greatest weaknesses or blind spots in the human being is the refusal to be courageous and move from illusion to reality until enough way showers have done it first.
Laughing Your Way to Enlightenment
Laughing your way to enlightenment and good health was an idea that came to me after reading Taoist philosophies and doing some of their practices.
Seriousness or Higher purpose
Seriousness and higher purpose are polar opposites. They do not exist together. Only when seriousness is transmuted does our higher purpose reveal itself to us.
Remove Constriction Feel Love
The secret to love lies in not being constricted in any way. Love is our natural state.

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