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Higher Self and Our Three Fold Being
The higher self can be more easily understood by knowing that we are a three fold being consisting of a basic, conscious and higher self.
God, Chi and Energy Integration
Finding God is exactly the same thing as feeling and increasing chi in the body. When your body assimilates more energy from the universe you automatically will be healthier and feel better.
Higher Purpose or Hellish Existence?
Each one of us is here at this momentous time in human history to grow towards our higher purpose and reflect that higher purpose out into the world thereby creating a new world of equality, fairness, love, peace and joy.
Breathing Into Our Divinity
Breathing is such a natural and life giving activity that most don't give it a second thought.
Resistance to Higher Purpose
If for some reason every soul on this planet woke up tomorrow morning and took the first few steps towards living their dreams our dysfunctional and parasitical society would collapse by the evening
The 144000
The 144,000 are a soul group who belong to the Brotherhood of the Star. They have been guiding evolution on this planet under the guidance of Sunat Kumara.
Freebedo is a supporting platform to assist people with their personal alchemy or transformation and therefore the planetary shift in consciousness that is ongoing at this time.
Seriousness or Higher purpose
Seriousness and higher purpose are polar opposites. They do not exist together. Only when seriousness is transmuted does our higher purpose reveal itself to us.

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