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Higher Purpose or Hellish Existence?
Each one of us is here at this momentous time in human history to grow towards our higher purpose and reflect that higher purpose out into the world thereby creating a new world of equality, fairness, love, peace and joy.
Relationships, Healing and The Journey Back to Oneness
All relationships are divine. Every relationship comes into existence to indicate and mirror aspects of the shadow self or ego that have not yet been dealt with or transmuted.
Seriousness or Higher purpose
Seriousness and higher purpose are polar opposites. They do not exist together. Only when seriousness is transmuted does our higher purpose reveal itself to us.
Remove Constriction Feel Love
The secret to love lies in not being constricted in any way. Love is our natural state.
Cellular Memory
The awareness of cellular memory and the implications of this important mechanism is very important if we are to understand who we are.
Humanity’s Consciousness and Awareness Upgrades
At this time humanity's consciousness and awareness of something other than just the physical aspects of life is dawning rapidly. In this article I would like to explain
Internal Alchemy
All true Alchemy teachings are concerned with the transmutation of suffering through Divine Will. The synthesis of all Alchemy teachings is made up of the Trinity of Divine Will, Love and Wisdom
Freedom Comes When Internal Harmony Is Achieved
When we understand and know that no one can own or control our soul and spirit and therefore our value freedom and internal harmony is assured.

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