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Creating What We Really Want
There is now a wealth of information in the public domain about how to be successful in life and that information is expanding and improving as peoples’ awareness increases.
Entropy and The Law of Vibration During This Cosmic Cycle
One of the greatest weaknesses or blind spots in the human being is the refusal to be courageous and move from illusion to reality until enough way showers have done it first.
Resistance to Higher Purpose
If for some reason every soul on this planet woke up tomorrow morning and took the first few steps towards living their dreams our dysfunctional and parasitical society would collapse by the evening
Humanity’s Consciousness and Awareness Upgrades
At this time humanity's consciousness and awareness of something other than just the physical aspects of life is dawning rapidly. In this article I would like to explain
Remove Constriction Feel Love
The secret to love lies in not being constricted in any way. Love is our natural state.
The 144000
The 144,000 are a soul group who belong to the Brotherhood of the Star. They have been guiding evolution on this planet under the guidance of Sunat Kumara.
The Second Brain & Mastery of The Human Vehicle
Growing awareness that the Second Brain in the gut area is not just responsible for digestion but is at least partially implicated in many brain disorders has lead scientists to understand what Taoists and Yogis have been saying for thousands of years.
Transmutation of the Mind
An individuals reality is what his mind thinks. It is created from within his own being. By thinking higher quality thoughts in every moment and how one perceives life will create a higher reality.

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